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EuroWings will help you find a country and university that best suits your career goals and budget preferences. 

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About us


EuroWings is a premier overseas education facilitator that offers overseas education admission and immigration services to ambitious professionals. We are one of the leading educational consultants that have extensive contacts in the field of overseas education. Our vast experience and expertise in this field give us the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our prospective clients. EuroWings provides quality customer service to its clients.  

Our Services

Study Abroad Consultation

We believe that immigration, career, and education decisions are inevitable. Therefore, our team ensures that our candidates get access to the best expert information before making an apt decision.

Country Course Selection

EuroWings helps you to explore a wide range of opportunities and discover the best universities and courses across the world.

Scholarship / Finance Assistance

We help you get the financial aid and Scholarship you need to ensure that you and your family can afford this next step of your higher education.

Career Pathway Advice

Discover your interests and decide out which programs or courses match your personality! Our overseas education experts offer the necessary guidance for your education abroad.

Visa Processing

As a lot of documentation is involved in the visa process, getting a student visa can be quite challenging. Our team of expert Career Advisors guides and supports you throughout the process.

Pre Departure guidance

Students need appropriate inputs if they are traveling, migrating, and settling abroad. Before landing in a new country of their choice, our pre-departure instructions provide students with an insight into the several facets of the student life that they will witness in a foreign land.

About us

We are a vibrant and dynamic overseas education facilitator that effectively meets global competencies in overseas education consultancy

Our Experts at Eurowings offer excellent services and help students to choose the right course and institution. We set the highest benchmarks in tune with the growing aspirations of our clients. Our professional experts prepare students for interviews with the embassy post-admission. Besides, Eurowings assists students to avail loans. The values we cherish include transparency, reliability, and accountability.

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Europe, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Malta, Estonia, Canada, USA

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Exam & Coaching


Our vision is to be the education and immigration consultant that recognizes and serves the needs of international students around the world. Apart from that, our team strives to provide students with world-class resources and scholarships

Education Loan

If you are planning to study abroad, then you already know that living costs and tuition fees can quickly add up to a large budget for your education. Luckily, Eurowings helps the students get the essential financial support they need.

Internship Program

If you have a restrictive financial plan to invest in higher studies, the Internship Program can be a great help in planning the financial aspects for education overseas. An internship can reduce the financial burden for aspiring students. Eurowings help you focus on the greatest achievements without worrying about money.

International Entrance Exams

The students who aspire to study abroad may require to score a specific band score in prescribed exams. Eurowings offers assistance to tackle these nerve-biting exams.

Free Counselling

Let’s help you live your dream! Eurowings can help you to turn your dream into a plan. You can book a free appointment with one of our expert teams.


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“I had a very helpful, supportive, and encouraging experience with Eurowings. Right from drafting an application to visa approval, your organization was very helpful. I will recommend Eurowings to my friends. I hope that you continue this commendable service of yours.”
Emma Hart
“Eurowings do a great job in mentoring students to study abroad. The expert team here has informed me of everything beforehand. They made sure everything was done at the right time. If I didn’t go to Eurowings, my visa process would not have been so smooth. I am very happy with the quality of assistance given by Eurowings. I highly recommend Eurowings to students, who are planning to study abroad.”
Eddie Johnson
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