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At first, a prospective applicant needs to read the details mentioned on the official website and then download their required visa application. After filling the form, the applicant may have to submit some documents digitally or in printed format. You must then go through the privacy policy, fill the Consent Form, and append it to the application form. If you are worried about how to apply for a visa, talk to Euro Life visa experts and immigration lawyers, a one-Stop-Solution for all your visa needs.

Student Visa

The student visa allows foreign students to be able to work and pursue higher education abroad. This is essential as it allows aspiring international students to be able to gain an excellent education from world-class universities and colleges in countries such as Canada, Australia, Europe, UK, etc.

Working Visa

Overseas professionals need a working visa to be able to live and earn abroad. It allows international skilled workers to stay in the country for a specific amount of time and also travel and explore all parts of the foreign land. Our visa experts and immigration lawyers help in getting your working visa in the least amount of time.

Business Visa

Investors and business executives have the accessibility to engage in trade-related activities with a business visa. It provides them with the option to live and conduct their business affairs without any hassles for a particular period of time.

Permanent Residency Visa

A Permanent Residency visa provides overseas residents of a country like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand to settle and work in the country without being its citizens. It also allows the foreign nationals to be able to apply for citizenship after a particular amount of time.

Travel Visa

For tourists and travelers who seek to experience the joy of exploring a new country, they need to apply for a travel visa. It allows tourists to stay and enjoy in a foreign country for a specific period of time ranging from a few weeks to a few months. However, one cannot work or engage in business during this visa type.

Family Visa

Uniting with one’s country abroad is possible with a family visa. It allows families to be able to live with their other members of the family abroad and also help them financially.

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