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Want to Study in France?

France, the second most attractive destination for international students as per the most recent survey where 64% of 14,245 surveyed international students chose France as the second most attractive country to study. Only Canada is ahead of Europe with 69% student popularity.

French culture is absolutely amazing and something that all international students should look forward to. France has a lot of international students from across the globe, hence it becomes easier for students to mingle with their own as well as other nationalities. 


Life in France

France has a strong cultural history. Students can visit museums, be a part of cultural clubs as well as other local groups for entertainment purposes. Students can also enjoy watching movies in France as over 2000 cinemas scattered across its cities.

Institutions and universities in France stand out for having small classes, allowing instructors to give you a lot of extra time and attention. Moreover, several universities are specialized and designed to teach within a specific subject area. So, in a major city, like Paris, students will find lots of universities and  that are either focused on research or job training

Benefits of Studying in France

The climate in France: France’s climate is temperate but divided into four distinct climate areas.

People in France: People in France are very friendly and welcoming. Knowing the language is a great asset if you plan to study and make a career in France.

Value of Education: France offers a world-class education in the French and English languages. Education is a serious matter in France and if you chose to study in France you can rest assured you are getting the best education.

List of Document Required

  • Campus France Authorization
  • Copy of your passport
  • Past years grade reports and passing out certificate
  • Personal statements
  • French/ English proof of language proficiency
  • Proof that you have the financial resources to fund your stay in France
  • Passport size photographs
  • GRE/ GMAT / SAT may be required by some universities

EuroWings Student Services

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  • Help with the extensions of the Study Permit.
  • Help to find a job while studying or after finishing the study.
  • Help to prepare the application package for Multiple Entry Visa.
  • Help students with Permanent Residency.

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